Autonomous Shuttle 

How it Works

Passengers receive a warm welcome from our friendly onboard agents, ready to assist with luggage, answer questions, and provide support throughout their autonomous journey.


Passengers and staff are guided to conveniently located pick-up and drop-off zones nearby.

In Transit

Passengers have the ability to track upcoming stops through the interface of cabin TV monitors.


Upon reaching the destination, an automated announcement informs passengers of their arrival.

Autonomous Shuttle

Autonomous Shuttles: The Future of Travel

In the modern era of digital advancements, autonomous vehicles stand out as a pinnacle of innovation, captivating the attention of tech-savvy individuals navigating airports. 

Use Cases

Vert enables airports to boost both passenger satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Connecting Between Terminals for Air Travel


Connecting between terminals for air travel.

Car Rental Centers

Car Rental Centers

Travelers' easy access to rental car counters.

Hotel Icons Airport


Passengers and crews easily reach nearby hotels.

Traveling Between Off-site Parking and Terminals.

Parking Facilities

Traveling between off-site parking and terminals.

Meeting Regulation Standards

Our advanced software enables our vehicles to stay synchronized with the latest speed limit data, whether by adhering to set speed limits or company-mandated regulations. Continuously updated, these systems guarantee precise representation of any alterations in speed regulations.

Autonomous Shuttle Driving

Achieving Safety Excellence

In commitment to safety, shuttles are equipped with onboard attendants prepared to intervene if necessary. The advanced software utilizes LIDAR sensors for 3D mapping of the surroundings, in addition to radar, cameras, and sensors to detect vehicles and pedestrians.

Decoding Our Technology

How Does It Work?

Discover the cutting-edge technology behind our autonomous systems. Learn how advanced algorithms, real-time data processing, and intelligent sensors work together to create seamless, self-operating solutions.